Nonprofit-Fintech Exchange Interest Group

What is the Exchange?

The Nonprofit-Fintech Exchange is a marketplace for interested nonprofit and fintech providers to explore collaboration and swap insights on how to build high-impact partnerships.

Partnerships between fintech providers and nonprofits organizations serving financially struggling communities have great potential for impact.  Working together, these organizations can offer underserved consumers a powerful combination of tech solutions and supportive relationships with trusted partners — all with the goal of building financial health.


Member Benefits

Members of the Nonprofit-Fintech Exchange receive:

  • Invitations to bi-annual meetings of the Exchange where members make connections and share their experiences, lessons learned and best practices emerging from their partnerships.
  • Monthly newsletters sharing the latest news, upcoming events, and member updates.  Members can use the newsletters’ “Classifieds” section to find partners, ask for advice or share updates.
  • Access to and inclusion in a member directory that profiles each member’s partnership interests and provides contact information for outreach.
  • Access to any virtual or digital Exchange-based learnings or research.

Who is in The Exchange?

The Exchange is open to nonprofit or social impact organizations and fintech providers interested in working together to design or deliver high-quality fintech tools for underserved consumers,

Nonprofit members of the Interest Group are drawn from the broad universe of mission-oriented organizations working directly with consumers to improve their financial health. Among others, this includes community organizations, national coalitions of direct service organizations members, and nonprofit community development financial institutions.

Fintech members of the Interest Group consist of organizations or companies developing financial technology designed to solve financial health challenges. Among others, this includes start-up companies, established financial service providers with fintech offerings, and nonprofits creating financial technology.

The Nonprofit-Fintech Exchange is a program of the Financial Solutions Lab.