Financial Health Leaders Working Group

About the Working Group

The Financial Health Leaders Working Group was established in 2016 in order to gather companies at the forefront of financial health strategy to discuss the latest financial health strategies and solutions. The group provides a forum to share ideas on how companies can utilize measurement tools to improve consumer financial health over time and ultimately, successfully incorporate a financial health framework into their business.

2020 Goals

  • In-person meetings at Financial Health Network events (EMERGE and Member Summit).
  • Members benefit from peer-earning as they share findings from their own financial health measurement frameworks and initiatives.
  • Members are provided an early and in-depth look at our financial health measurement efforts and provide feedback.
  • Members apply our financial health research and insights within their organizations.
  • Members gain and share insights into tracking financial health over time, and also what works to improve financial health.

Membership Expectations

  • Each member contributes to the advancement of financial health through their organization’s measurement efforts and shares resources and insights with the group.
  • Members attend working group meetings and contribute to discussions regularly.
  • Membership is limited to Financial Health Leaders or those who have expressed interest in being a Financial Health Leader, to ensure a focused, committed group.
  • This group is made up of a diverse group of financial service providers,mission-based organizations, and researchers.
  • Non-Members, or organizations unable to meet Financial Health Leader criteria in 2019, may be invited to participate in the working group on a case-by-case basis as advisors.
  • Working group members have an equal voice in contributing to the agenda and discussion. Sponsorship does not elevate a Member’s influence on the objectives or output of the working group.

MetLife Foundation is a founding sponsor of the Financial Health Network’s measurement work.