Customer Needs

Through surveys, workshops, and custom research you will gain a deeper understanding of the complexity of your consumers’ financial lives and what they need from their financial providers.

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FinX is an in-the-field activity that provides participants with a deeper understanding of the complexity of consumers’ financial lives. The workshop is an opportunity for participants from financial institutions, regulatory groups, technology companies, and more to learn about consumer financial challenges by going beyond the classroom and become embedded in a real-life experience where they must make some of the same decisions struggling consumers face on a daily basis.

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What Our Clients Say

"We want to make sure CDFIs are helping combat issues like predatory lending. There is momentum, and CFSI has the context for what’s going on in the market."

Beth Lipson Executive Vice President of Strategic Initiatives, OFN

"We reached out to CFSI to supplement the indoor conference with an on-the ground experience. CFSI is the only one that does this kind of exercise."

Matt Homer Senior Policy Advisor, USAID

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