Behavioral Insights

Making Client Voice Part of the Design Process: Behavioral Insights Elevate Flexibility and Simplicity in Financial Health Tools

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, many families across America were struggling to make ends meet. But they still have big hopes and dreams today, from getting a car to finding better job opportunities to buying a home. To achieve any of these goals, saving and credit-building are two critical steps toward financial stability and self-determination. And at the current moment of societal upheaval, financial stability is not just nice-to-have, but vital. Presented by Capital One

Motivating Change: Behavioral Economics and Financial Health

By Heidi Johnson Director, Financial Health Network Director Heidi Johnson joined the Financial Health Network team in 2019 to lead our work applying behavioral insights to the design and delivery of financial health products. She comes to our organization from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, where she led a behavioral research program and contributed to…

How to Manage Money in a Pandemic: A Behavioral Research-Based Approach

By Heidi Johnson, Director, Behavioral Economics, Financial Health Network In the past few weeks, record-breaking numbers of people have filed claims for unemployment as industries shut down in response to the novel coronavirus. Millions of people have very suddenly and unexpectedly lost their jobs or substantial portions of their income. While policymakers are responding by…