Workers in the U.S. are stressed about their finances, and employers are increasingly seeing the impact of this financial stress on job and company performance. The Financial Health Network offers strategies for employers and solutions providers to support the financial well-being of employees.

Understanding Workplace Financial Health

In our Workplace work to date, the Financial Health Network has uncovered several key findings:


  • Financial health challenges impact employees at all salary levels.

  • Employees are looking to their employers for solutions to help them manage their financial needs.

  • While employees are concerned about long-term goals like saving for retirement, many also have short-term needs like building emergency savings, managing their bills and spending, and paying down debt.

  • There is a gap between the financial health benefits employees want and what employers offer, creating an opportunity for employers to increase employee engagement and set themselves apart in the marketplace.

Workplace Data Spotlight

Why Workplace Financial Health Matters

When employers address the financial health of their workforce, it’s a win-win for both. By contributing to workers’ financial well-being, businesses can build employee engagement and loyalty, improve brand reputation, and bolster workplace productivity.

How the Financial Health Network Can Help

Through our research, consulting, measurement tools, and Financial Solutions Lab, the Financial Health Network helps employers and financial wellness solutions providers better understand employees’ financial needs, design solutions, and measure their impact. Together, we are working to create innovative products and tools that support businesses and the employees they serve.

Additional Research Topics

Financial health depends on a complex set of factors and circumstances. That’s why the Financial Health Network produces research in a variety of areas impacting our financial lives.

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