Sizing the Financially Underserved Market

Insights into Financial Products and Services

Each year, CFSI measures the size, composition, and opportunity for products and services that help people save, spend, borrow, and plan. In 2016 US consumers spent $173 billion.

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The annual Financially Underserved Market Size Report offers insights into the financial products and services underserved consumers use, and the revenues earned from those tools. This year, we report that financially underserved consumers in the U.S. spent approximately $173 billion in fees and interest during 2016 to borrow, spend, save, and plan across 29 financial products in this diverse and continually growing marketplace.

CFSI presents this annual series to illustrate the size of the opportunity to address the needs of financially underserved consumers and identify significant trends driving marketplace evolution and growth. As we monitor the pulse of the underserved marketplace, this information is essential to CFSI’s mission; it enables a better understanding of this growing market and identifies opportunities for the development of high-quality products. With these insights, financial services providers are able to bring new products and innovations to scale to help improve consumer financial health.

CFSI thanks the Ford Foundation and Emeritus Sponsor Morgan Stanley for their past support of this report series.

Sizing the Financially Underserved Market