Government Agencies and the Financial Health Network: Providing Policy Perspectives at the Federal Level

The Financial Health Network provides a valuable perspective to government with our comprehensive view of the consumer financial market. We believe financial services can be a force for good in consumers’ lives and we look at how products and practices can advance that purpose. We collect data, conduct research, and provide careful analysis that can inform policy decisions.

As an independent, data-driven resource for federal agencies, regulators, and legislators, the Financial Health Network’s research educates policymakers about industry innovation and the financial needs of consumers. We help policy makers define and articulate best practices that will lead to the long-term financial health of both provider and consumer.
With our broad network in financial services, the Financial Health Network provides valuable research in key areas that align with topics government agencies care about. Our perspective is one that encourages a keen focus on improving the quality of financial products that will enrich Americans’ lives.

Key research areas include Prepaid Cards, innovations to incentivize Savings, high-quality solutions to expand Credit (including Small Dollar Credit), and Market Analysis for Underbanked and Underserved Americans.

Further, we host agency representatives at local meetings and events to help inform participants in our network about what policy in this space means for them. The Financial Health Network’s Vision of Financial Health discusses the Financial Health Network’s vision to increase the number of American consumers that are financially healthy.


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