Competing on Financial Health

In order to thrive, banks, credit unions, and other financial service providers must serve consumers in a way that creates long-term, loyal customers. Adopting a financial health strategy will allow your company to do just that by investing in your customers’ financial well being, while creating responsible and sustainable profits over time.

MetLife Foundation is a major sponsor of the Financial Health Network’s ongoing consumer financial health work.

Your Organization’s Financial Health Journey

The Financial Health Network has outlined seven stages that can guide your company’s financial health journey. Starting at Orient, the iterative cycle will help you along your path to improve consumer financial health.


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Understanding and Improving Consumer Financial Health in America

This research explores the state of financial health in America in a groundbreaking examination of consumer behaviors, attitudes, and preferences.

2016 Financially Underserved Market Size Study

The Financial Health Network and Core Innovation Capital present this 6th annual market analysis to illustrate the size of the opportunity to address the needs of financially underserved consumers.

U.S Financial Diaries Household Profiles

Each Household Profile presents the financial life of one family in the USFD study.


Tales from the Road: Financial Health Pioneers

As your company embarks upon its own financial health journey, consider the examples set by these trailblazers.

The Financial Health Network FinX: An Empathy Building Experience

Connecting to the Consumer Financial Experience (FinX) is an in-the-field workshop, training, or corporate event. It allows financial product designers to experience firsthand what the challenges and opportunities are in accessing financial services.


Financial Health Check-Up

The Financial Health Network’s consulting services leverage a deep understanding of consumer needs, innovation processes, and high-quality product design.

Tales from the Road: Financial Health Pioneers

As your company embarks upon its own financial health journey, consider the examples set by these trailblazers.


Compass Principles - Guiding Excellence in Financial Services

To help the industry take the lead in addressing these challenges and build trust with the public, the Center for Financial Services Innovation, in partnership with a cross-section of...

Designing for Financial Health: Stories and profiles from the Financial Capability Innovation Funds

With six stories and thirteen project profiles, Designing for Financial Health, leverages findings from the Financial Capability Innovation Funds (FCIF) to share insights on how providers can help consumers build financial capability.

Piggymojo: The Thrill of Impulse Savings

Armed with a Financial Capability Innovation Fund grant from the Center for Financial Services Innovation (the Financial Health Network), Piggymojo is transforming the way people think about savings.


5 Ways to Expand the Appeal of Your Financial Technology Product

Financial technology (“fintech”) has tremendous potential – as a delivery channel for high-quality products and services – to help consumers improve their financial health.


Consumer Data Sharing Principles: A Framework for Industry-Wide Collaboration

Over the last two decades, the emergence of new intermediaries that aggregate data from numerous sources has enabled financial services providers of all kinds to provide consumers with a...


Financial Solutions Lab

The Financial Solutions Lab is a community of startups, financial services companies and nonprofit organizations building solutions to improve the financial lives of Americans.

Financial Health Journey