Member Summit Slack Guide

Purpose of Slack

Slack will serve as our central hub of communication over the course of Member Summit. The “Member Summit” Slack workspace will launch on Friday, September 25, 2020 and will be a place for Members to make valuable connections, receive session information, share learnings, and follow up with colleagues after Summit. Slack will be available for at least one month after the event.

All Member Summit attendees will receive an invitation link via email to join our Member Summit Slack channel.

Be sure to download the desktop and mobile versions of Slack to stay connected. Having trouble installing Slack or the Member Summit Workspace? Visit the Slack help center or contact Slack customer support.

The Basics


You will automatically be added to the #general channel to receive reminders, news, and updates from Summit organizers. You will also be added to the channels of sessions you signed up for during registration to receive pre-reads, related articles, etc. Please visit our #help-desk channel with any questions.

Small Group Meetings:

#sg-leaders-summit (private channel for 2020 Leaders by invitation only)



Fun channels to join:


Leaving a channel

If you no longer want to be part of that channel, just type “/leave”  while you’re in the channel you want to leave.

Direct Messages (DMs)

You can send private messages to one or more colleagues in Slack by clicking on someone else’s username in the Direct Messages area to the left of your screen or by hitting the plus sign next to Direct Messages and selecting the username(s) of the user(s) you want to message. Financial Health Network does not monitor messages sent using the DM function. We ask that you abide by our code of conduct including leading with respect and adhering to the spirit and the letter of our anti-trust policy.

To view a list of active Slack users, please visit the #general-summit channel and click ‘view all members’ on the top right.

Updating your profile

To make searching for people easier, please edit your profile as follows:

Full name: first and last name
Julie McCullough

Display name: full name and organization
Julie McCullough, Financial Health Network

What I do: your title
Manager, Events

Image: your headshot

You can do this by clicking on the image on the top right and selecting Edit Profile.


The system defaults to sending you a notification when you are specifically mentioned in a channel you’re a member of by using your username (ex. @juliemccullough) or when someone uses @everyone, @channel, or @here. You can adjust your desktop push settings under your Account Settings.






How do I adjust notifications?


You can use Do Not Disturb. To do this, click your name in the top right corner of the application. From the dropdown menu, hover over Pause Notifications and select how long you’d like to pause notifications.

When to use Slack vs Zoom? 
  • Slack should be used prior to, during, and after Member Summit to connect and interact with fellow attendees. You’ll receive session information and reminders throughout the event from Summit organizers. 
  • Zoom will be used to collect questions related to a specific session at the time of the session, so submit session-specific questions via the Zoom chat function. You are also welcome to direct message fellow attendees in Zoom during your session if you prefer. Zoom direct messaging will only be available during a session.
Can the admins see my direct messages/private groups?

No. DMs and private groups are fully private at this time.

How do I create a new channel?

At this time channels can only be created by admins.

How do I invite a colleague to join this Slack workspace?

At this time, Slack is only available to registered attendees of Member Summit.

I have a technical question about Slack functionality.

For slack-related technical issues or functionality questions, check out Slack Tips or visit the Slack Help Center.





Please email or message the #help-desk channel in Slack with any additional questions.

Slack Etiquette, Tips, and Tricks

Access Regularly Used Channels using the Star Feature

Use stars to bookmark important conversations in your workspace and easily reference them again later.

  • Click the star icon to the right of a channel name or username to star the conversation.
  • Starring a channel or direct message adds the conversation to the Starred section located directly above the Channels section.

Save Direct Messages

Similarly, if you want to save important messages, you can use save to do so.

To utilize the save feature, hover over the message you want to save and select the bookmark icon from the menu.

Any messages or files you bookmark will be added to the Saved section located in the upper left section of your screen, above the Channels section.

Keep Channels Easily Skimmable by using Threads

To avoid a lot of clutter in public channels, use the threads function to organize conversations and responses.

  1. Hover over the message you’d like to reply to.
  2. Click the Reply in thread icon.
  3. Type your reply.
  4. Send your message.

Code of Conduct
Our goal is to maintain a safe, helpful, and friendly Slack community for everyone, regardless of race, ethnicity, culture, national origin, color, immigration status, social and economic class, educational level, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, age, size, family status, political belief, religion, and mental and physical ability, or any other defining characteristic. Please take the time to read through our code of conduct and anti-trust statement.