Pulse Data

The Financial Health Network is collaborating with USC’s Dornsife Center for Economic and Social Research to field Pulse surveys to their online panel, the Understanding America Study. Study participants who agree to share their transactional and account data use Plaid’s data connectivity services to authorize their data for analysis.



Survey Data

The Pulse draws upon survey data from USC’s “Understanding America Study,” a nationally representative probability-based internet panel. Annual surveys shed light on how financial health changes across the country and for individuals over time. Pulse survey questionnaires and data sets are available for researchers to download and explore below.

Transactional Data

The Pulse also analyzes transactional and account data that USC’s panelists agree to share through a secure data platform that leverages Plaid’s API. Nearly 1,000 individuals have linked at least one financial account to the platform. The sample is broadly representative of the online banked population in the United States.

Explore trends from the transactional data set to understand how financial health is changing over time.

Download the Pulse Survey Data