Policy and Innovation Working Group

About the Working Group

The Policy and Innovation Working Group brings together Members and other stakeholders to help create a regulatory environment that supports innovation while ensuring consumer protection and promoting financial health. The current regulatory environment in the U.S. presents numerous challenges that make it difficult for innovators to build and scale new products. At the same time, regulators are increasingly seeking to engage with industry stakeholders around issues related to fintech and innovation.

Under this broad umbrella, the working group will continue to explore one primary theme for 2019: How can financial institutions (FIs), aggregators and fintech companies share consumer financial data in ways that are secure, inclusive and supportive of innovation?

2019 Goals

  • The working group will bring Members together with influential advisors with expertise on this topic to identify specific challenges and explore promising solutions.
  • The working group will identify strategies to engage with regulators and other non-member industry stakeholders to address the challenges identified.
  • The working group will hold in-person meetings at events (EMERGE and Member Summit).
  • Working group members will benefit from peer learning as they share their own initiatives, products, and research.

Membership Expectations

  • The working group is made up of a diverse group of financial service providers of all sizes, mission-based organizations and subject-matter experts.
  • Each member brings a perspective on fintech innovation and regulation, based on their current or previous role within a fintech provider, financial institution, governmental agency, or other stakeholder organization.
  • Members attend working group meetings and contribute to discussions regularly.
  • Working group members have an equal voice in contributing to the agenda and discussion. Sponsorship does not elevate a member’s influence on the objectives or output of the working group.