Insurance Working Group

CFSI’s Insurance Working Group was established to engage with and convene a subset of CFSI Network members and other key insurance stakeholders to serve as intellectual partners in exploring how insurance can better serve the financially struggling in the U.S. to build their resilience on the path to greater financial health.

2018 Goals

  • Continue to establish a cohort of organizations interested in the inclusive insurance space
  • Enable members to engage with and provide feedback on CFSI’s insurance research and analysis
  • Expose members to the latest in insurance innovation
  • Provide a networking opportunity with other players working in the inclusive insurance space
  • Create a forum for peer learning as members share findings from their own initiatives, products, and research

Membership Expectations

  • Each member contributes to the advancement of financial health through insurance in their organization’s products, research and/or expertise, and is willing to share resources with the group
  • Members attend working group meetings and contribute to discussions regularly
  • Working group members have an equal voice in contributing to the agenda and discussion. Sponsorship does not elevate a member’s influence on the objectives or output of the working group.