Financial Health Leaders Terms and Conditions

I. Leaders Program: Overview, Criteria, and Benefits

In 2020, Leaders will be selected based on their efforts to measure the financial health of their individual or small business customers, employees, and/or clients. Leaders can utilize Financial Health Network’s measurement tools or develop and implement measurement strategies of their own.

2020 Benefits

  • Recognition as a Financial Health Leader on Financial Health Network’s website and at our EMERGE: Financial Health Forum and Member Summit events
  • Peer learning opportunities through our exclusive Financial Health Leaders Working Group
    Public promotion both within and beyond our Network
  • Learn behavioral design techniques used to design products and services that lead to financial health.

2020 Eligibility Criteria

  • Be a 2020 Financial Health Network Member
  • Measure. Measure the financial health of their individual or small business customers, employees, and/or clients in 2020 in accordance with Financial Health Network’s framework
  • Share qualitative insights and aggregate-level results. Commit to sharing qualitative insights and aggregate-level results from your measurement activities with the Financial Health Network and Members.
    • Insights and aggregate-level results must be shared by November 1st, 2020.
    • Priority deadline to be considered for Summit and report highlight, August 15th, 2020.

II. Measurement and Reporting

This section outlines the measurement results that will be collected by Leader and transferred to Financial Health Network.* Both the Financial Health Network and Leader will be responsible for providing the financial and personnel resources needed to execute the tasks outlined in this document.

Data Sharing Policy
The Leader will only share anonymized results with Financial Health Network. Prior to transferring data to Financial Health Network, the Leader will remove any PII from data. Financial Health Network neither requests nor accepts responsibility for receipt of any PII. Financial Health Network may aggregate data of multiple Leaders in order to present broad learnings, but prior to Financial Health Network sharing any data externally that is specific to Leader, Leader will have the opportunity to review and approve the use of their data.

*Note that the data sharing in this agreement does not override any previously signed NDA between Financial Health Network and Leader.

III. Public Affiliation

By submitting this application and checking the terms and conditions box below, Leader consents to be publicly associated with the Financial Health Leaders Program throughout 2020. Specifically, Leader agrees to being identified as a member of the Financial Health Leaders Program (if approved) and to having the objectives of the Leaders as described in Financial Health Network publications, including press releases, webinars, marketing materials, and public speeches. Likewise, Leader has the right to publicly acknowledge its affiliation with the Financial Health Leaders Program. Leader commits to coordinating with Financial Health Network’s Marketing and Communications team to participate in promotional activities related to the Financial Health Leaders Program and to comply with the guidelines set up in the Press Kit to be delivered to the client.

IV. Publication of Results

Financial Health Network may publicize aggregated results of the Financial Health Leaders Program in order to share learnings with the industry at large. As such, Leader agrees to having Financial Health Network share anonymized, aggregated quantitative data collected throughout the project publicly. This published work would anonymize or aggregate any financial health scores that are published, i.e. “One Leader saw a financial health score of X in their customers.” Leader also commits to sharing qualitative findings in the form of process learnings, best practices, insights, and challenges associated with measuring consumers’ financial health in the same manner. Before publication of public deliverables, Leader will have a chance to review the report for errors and inaccuracies.

V. Confidentiality Policies

Financial Health Network and Leader will treat the following information as confidential: (i) technical processes and formulas, source codes, product designs, product and business plans, projections and marketing data, and other unpublished financial information, and (ii) any other non-public information relating to this project. Financial Health Network and Leader will not disclose any of the aforementioned information to any third party without explicit permission.

VII. Termination of Agreement

Either Leader or Financial Health Network may terminate the relationship if the objectives outlined in this Agreement are not met, or if either party wishes to conclude the partnership for any reason. If Leader fails to meet their Financial Health Measurement plan or reporting requirements in 2020, they:

  • will be removed from any end-of-year outputs, acknowledgements, and publicity around the 2020 Financial Health Leaders.
  • Leader might also be denied to participate in the following year’s program.
  • Additionally, their press kit permissions will be revoked and Leader will be asked to take down any promotion they have about the Program.

VII. Disclaimers

Financial Health Network will inform applicants about the status of their applications within 30 days of submission. The decision to consider and designate an organization as a Financial Health Leader is at the sole discretion of Financial Health Network. Financial Health Network reserves the right to adjust the criteria requested in the application. All applicants must be authorized and able to perform all aspects contemplated under the background and application, including but not limited to seeking all required approvals and consent. All applicants must be qualified and in good standing to conduct business in their state of incorporation and any other state or jurisdiction in which they operate. Applicants and Leaders are subject to additional due diligence if they have negative press coverage or findings in publicly accessible registers, or filings indicating any regulatory or legal proceedings of this nature pending against them or any of its key employees or senior management. Applicants must be current Financial Health Network Members or Financial Solutions Lab alumni companies in good standing. Financial Health Leaders status does not come with Financial Health Network consulting services. Organizations have the opportunity to utilize Analyst Hours included in Network Membership or inquire about purchasing additional consulting services if interested in working with Financial Health Network to achieve their financial health measurement goals. Applications should not contain any information, ideas, products or property that are licensed, copyrighted, or otherwise proprietarily protected by anyone other than the applicant. The information contained in the application is considered confidential. Leaders will be publicly promoted only after the application has been reviewed and approved by the Financial Health Network team.

Leadership status can be revoked if Leader is no longer meeting Program criteria, which is outlined here and will also be included in the Agreement. If Leadership status is revoked, Leader will be removed from any existing publicity and not included in any summary publication highlighting Financial Health Network’s 2020 Financial Health Leaders. Regardless of Leader status, Financial Health Network does not endorse Network Members or their products or services.