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For millions of consumers in the United States, financial struggles persist throughout their lives. Our data-driven analysis of consumer behaviors, trends, and strategies help providers understand and improve financial health. Explore the Financial Health Network’s consumer profiles, case studies, and reports to gain clarity on consumer financial lives today and drive innovation for tomorrow.

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 Balancing Today, Building Tomorrow: How Financially Coping Americans Plan, Save, and Invest

Balancing Today, Building Tomorrow: How Financially Coping Americans Plan, Save, and Invest

Even before COVID-19, millions of Americans were struggling financially, with more than half the population classified as Financially Coping. As job losses mount, savings are spent down, household debt grows, and investments shrink during the pandemic, Americans need financial support more than ever. This new research sheds light on how providers can support the saving and investing behaviors of Financially Coping consumers, ultimately improving both their immediate and long-term financial health.


Sriracha and Superglue: Sometimes A Little Can Go a Long Way

By Tanya Ladha and Rachel Schneider, Financial Health Network Maybe you’ve been there — you break a dish, clean down the middle. You find the superglue, carefully squeeze a small stream of the potent liquid on either side of the break, and patiently hold for the allotted 90 seconds. When you move to place the mended dish…

#FinHealthMatters: Financial Panther

By The Financial Panther I like to think that I’m pretty financially healthy. At 30 years old, I’m in a fairly unique position. I’m currently debt free after paying off nearly six figures worth of student loans in just a few years. I’ve got a sizable emergency fund that should cover me in the event…

#FinHealthMatters: Surviving and Thriving

By Donna Freedman (FinCon and the Center for Financial Services Innovation are sponsoring a writing contest: “In 500 words, explain what financial health means to you.” Here are my thoughts.) My journey to financial health was entirely roundabout, and I didn’t get there until middle age. Financial survival, not financial health, was the focus of…

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FinX is an experiential activity that provides participants with a deeper understanding of the complexity of consumers’ financial lives. The workshop is an opportunity for participants from all types of companies to learn about consumer financial challenges by going beyond classroom learning and becoming embedded in a real-life experience where they must make some of the same decisions struggling consumers face on a daily basis.

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